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Lets Back Our Blue

Lets Back Our Blue

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Two members of our community who serve at the Harris County Sheriff’s Department have been going through the unimaginable. Dwight Duke’s son, Asa, was recently diagnosed with T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Asa is currently receiving treatment at Children's Hospital of Atlanta for the next 4 weeks. This aggressive chemo treatment is currently leaving Asa weak and sick throughout the day, but he is pushing through with a smile! Tim Greene’s daughter, Layla, was recently diagnosed with a condition called NF2. There is no cure for this condition that causes the growth of tumors on the nerves in her body. Currently, she has tumors in her brain and spine. She has been undergoing non-invasive chemo and will continue to go through these treatments for the next 12-18 months at CHOA.

100% of these proceeds will go to the families to help with medical expenses, food, gas, and anything they may need while they are in the hospital.

It's time to show our support for those who are always there for us. Let's help them out in their time of need!

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